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JASS (Junior Award Scheme for Schools) is an accredited learning programme for young people. JASS was first set up in 2010/11 by Friends of the Award in Edinburgh and the Lothians (FOTA) in partnership with City of Edinburgh Council.  JASS is now used in the majority of primary and secondary schools and all special schools run by the Council. JASS has proved to be incredibly popular among both teachers and students and since its launch word has spread and it has now been taken up by more than 150 schools and youth groups throughout the UK. 

JASS develops the whole individual by offering recognition in four key areas – regular physical activity (Get Active Stay Active), exploring a personal interest (My Interests), working for the good of the community or the environment (Me and My World) and completing an outdoor activity or challenge (Adventure). The objectives of JASS are aligned with the personal development objectives of Curriculum for Excellence and the National Curriculum and the scheme has been designed to have different levels of achievement so that participants can move from Bronze, to Silver and then to Gold with increasing levels of learning and challenge.

JASS is primarily aimed at the Transition years from primary to secondary school age (the upper primary years and the lower secondary) and the age group 10 - 14.  However JASS has no cut-off age and many older young people, particularly within special educational settings, are using JASS for their personal development.

JASS is very flexible; young people can join in with JASS at any level (Bronze, Silver or Gold) and each JASS programme can be constructed to meet the needs of the individuals or to tie in with local interests or projects

Junior Award Scheme for Schools (JASS) is an accredited learning programme for young people.
JASS can be used as part of the school curriculum or to take account of out of school activities and it can be delivered in youth work settings.
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JASS has 4 sections designed to encourage a 'roundness’ in terms of learning experience and which support the Curriculum for Excellence Capacities of Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens

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Focussing on encouraging regular physical activity for example learning a new skill, sports training, physical dance or a charity challenge.More


Focussing on pursuing a personal interest or encouraging a new one. Can often be achieved with minimal involvement from the school. More


A teamwork challenge through involvement in an outdoor activity. More


A community or environmental project desined to learn more about the world about them. More


JASS is fully aligned with current educational thinking and in particular with A Curriculum for Excellence and the Outdoor Learning Strategy.

JASS and Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes

The 4 Capacities within the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) are well known to all pupils and teachers and to partner organisations :

  • Successful Learners
  • Confident Individuals
  • Effective Contributors
  • Responsible Citizens

As the CfE develops and our understanding of the learning opportunities that can be offered to pupils expands, awards like JASS (Junior Award Scheme for Schools) can be a strong partner in describing and evidencing the new breadth of learning and in providing new levels of challenge to sit alongside the core curriculum.
JASS can start to prepare pupils in terms of work and enterprise skills and culture. These can be further developed within awards like DofE (Duke of Edinburgh’s Award), John Muir Award and 16+ Activity Agreements.

JASS can be used to present challenges that capture the imagination and interest, leading to the development of new JASS is not restricted to younger age groups.

The structure of JASS with 4 sections designed to stretch different aspects of developing confident individuals lends itself very well to assisting with the pupil profiling, particularly in P7/Year 6 but also with older pupils within learning support or Special school contexts, JASS can work to integrate schools with other partners that may not have been part of formal learning within the school environment, working together to compliment individual learning, using JASS as the means of evidencing the learning.
At its very best such programmes will encourage the critical thinking and reasoning that all of us need to make best use of our skills and resources.


JASS has proven to be a flexible programme to support young people across the disabilities spectrum and is currently being used in the majority of special schools in Edinburgh and the Lothians.  Go to our Case Studies Section to find out more about how special schools in Edinburgh have used JASS to encourage wider achievement.
A Guide to Delivering the Junior Award Scheme for Schools in Special Schools is full of of examples from special schools already delivering JASS.  Go to RESOURCES to read and download the guide, or speak to us about using JASS is special schools in your area.


Friends of the Award in Edinburgh and the Lothians (FOTA) is a registered charity set up to support schools and other oganisations, particularly those working with disabled or otherwise disadvantaged young people, to deliver The Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Junior Award Scheme for Schools in Edinburgh and the Lothians. 

Introduction to e-Jass

e-Jass has been developed in response to demand from schools  which have switched or are switching to digital learning and wanted an on-line alternative to the traditional paper based model.  It has the added advantages of being easier to store and maintain records which can be passed on to a young person’s next class or school – helping schools build up pupil profiles

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