Focussing on pursuing a personal interest or encouraging a new one. Can often be achieved with minimal involvement from the school.

My Interests section is about doing a hobby you enjoy and increasing your ability and/or knowledge.  You can choose to do something new, or set targets for something you already enjoy doing.

This could be an interest already pursued by the participant or the opportunity to learn a new skill. The activity can be delivered as part of their club work or carried out away from the club as long as this has been negotiated in advance with the youth workers. Examples of My Interests include:

  • Taste testing
  • Dinosaurs
  • Computer games
  • Space
  • Baking
  • Youth groups e.g. Brownies / Guides and Cub / Scouts
  • Music
  • Art
  • Pet care
  • Ice skating
DOE Jass
doe Bronze


8 hours/half a day 
doe Silver


12 hours/full day 
doe Gold


18 hours/half day planning and full day activity.

This was one of my favorite activities because I learned more facts about Barcelona, one of my favorite teams. 
I achieved my target by learning more computer skills and researching skills..

This Silver level learner was really keen to do football for My Interests, but had already done football for the Get Active Stay Active section.  They decided to take a different slant by research the famous legends of Barcelona Football Club.  The learner created profiles on footballers such as Messi, Ronaldinho etc.