DOE Jass

eJass has been developed in response to demand from schools  which have switched or are switching to digital learning and wanted an on-line alternative to the traditional paper based model.  It has the added advantages of being easier to store and maintain records which can be passed on to a young person’s next class or school – helping schools build up pupil profiles.

eJASS has been developed by Braw Solutions, experts in educational software, with input from schools and pupils and had been designed to be used by pupils of all abilities.

Please note that there is a demo verson of eJass you can access and play around with. The demo account will take you into the Mentor view which has various students set up at different levels of achievement - or the student view. If you would like to try this out please contact and we can send across the log-in details.
You can log on from:, Username and Password can be download from this link

DOE eJass
  • Easy to use, simple screen layout
  • Three levels – student, teacher and school administrator
  • Password protected at each level
  • Personal data held securely
  • Runs on iPad, tablet or desktop PC/MAC
  • Progress towards award shown on screen
  • Photo gallery
  • Class level view of progress and activity
  • Mentor can view learners’ activity records and leave comments
  • Individual and group sign off by mentor
  • Evidence can be added as jpg, pdf, link or video
  • Accessible at school or home
  • Multiple activities can be used towards Award attainment
  • Record of earlier Awards retained
  • Plans and records of activity can be shared between learners in the group
  • Easily passed from school to school